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Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy jobs can be found in many places, ranging from healthcare facilities to private practices.

The main responsibility of a physiotherapist is to assist patients cope with illness, physical injuries, aging as well as disability. Physiotherapists work with people of all ages from children to the elderly.

In order for one to find a job in this field, relevant training and practical experience are necessary.

While these professionals are not medical doctors, they still undergo basic medical training in the form of an undergraduate degree.

A degree in physiotherapy is necessary in order for one to become a licensed therapist. In addition to that, one is required to go through apprenticeship program before they can actually get a full time job.

The physiotherapy career has countless opportunities in the UK today.

These professionals can practice in various workplaces as mentioned earlier on. They can work in hospitals, schools, fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, sports facilities, clinics and even independently all across the UK.

This is evident enough that the demand for their services in the country is overwhelming. If you are a clever professional, you can make the most out of your job as a physiotherapist.


High service demand means better salary.

Since there are countless physiotherapy jobs in UK as can be seen from the multiple workplaces in which these professionals can provide their services, it is accurate to say that physiotherapists are some of the well-paid individuals in the country.

However, it should be noted that the salary is normally dependent on the location of work and the given industry in which one works. According to Net Salary Calculator UK, the average physiotherapy salary is £27,328. This is often calculated based on various levels of the job.

Normally, the starting salary is from £20,000 to £23000 for a beginner, graduate or junior physiotherapist. However, the salary scale can rise to between £37, 0000 to £51,000 for a senior employee.

The salaries can be considerably higher and vary a great deal in cities like Edinburgh, London, Birmingham, Manchester or Brighton.

It is also true that one’s salary will depend on whether they are a senior, junior, graduate or trainee physiotherapist.

According to Net Salary Calculator UK, an Osteopath earns an average salary of £22,500 per year whereas a licensed massage therapist earns an average wage rate of £8.00 per hour.

Professionals in this career normally don’t have many years of practical experience.

How to Land a Well-Paying Job in Physiotherapy in the UK

It is true that every professional would wish to have a job that is well-paying, a job that comes in handy with many other benefits including travel, car, and house among many other allowances.

However, in order for one to get a job that comes with all these packages, it calls for making the right choice.

There are a number of things to do and factors to be considered. Here are a few tips that can help you land one of the well-paying jobs in the UK as a physiotherapist;
Make Sure You Have an Outstanding Reputation
Whether you work for a corporation or independently, your reputation will have a great impact on your career progress. If your employment history is excellent, many employers will be more than willing to hire you. In fact since the demand for physiotherapy services in the UK is overwhelming, they will jostle for you. For you this will mean an opportunity to dictate what salary you would want to be paid.

Consult a Reliable Recruitment Agency

Whether you are applying for a certain physiotherapy position in the country or simply looking for anything that matches your skills and experience, your first point of contact will probably be a trustworthy health recruiter.

Recruitment agencies are highly involved in the job market, it’s their responsibility to find quality candidates for employers while at the same time assisting candidates to develop and progress their careers.

If, for instance, you are looking to move to another city in order to advance your career, register with a reliable recruitment agency prior to your arrival.

Your recruitment consultant will then start the process of finding you a suitable position, giving you a great boost in your quest.

Select the Right Geographic Location

As mentioned earlier on, one of the factors that can determine the salary of a physiotherapist in the UK is geographical location.

A professional who is based in a rural area will not earn the same amount as their counterpart in an urban centre. Brighton, London, Manchester as well as Edinburgh are some of the places where you can find high-paying employers in the country.

So, focus your search on these areas more than any other place.

Polish Your CV

Your CV is your key negotiation tool. If it is outstanding, employers will not have a problem with hiring you no matter the amount you might quote.

Include all the certificates you have earned, years of on the job experience as well as any other detail you deem relevant be it a charitable program you participated in to help the elderly in your community or anything else. If possible, have several versions of your CV for instance one based on your skills.

Always Practice to Improve Your Interview Techniques

You could have friends pose as interviewers, both the good and the bad so you can prepare how you will handle various types of interviewer situations.

You will realise that some interviewers will be much keen on your skills than the years of experience you have, others will review your resume, notice that you have not been in the industry for long and go out of their way to make you feel inferior.

Preparation for how to handle these different types of interviewers will help you to know how to convince various employers that you are the right candidate for that high-paying job.

Change Jobs and Employers Pretty Often

Even though this might sound contrary to what most people know, the truth is the job market has evolved in the last 2 decades.

Some employers have very little if any loyalty to employees. Again there is another reason to change jobs often i.e. to be able to find a greener pasture faster.

Most employers will neither promote you nor increase your salary considerably. This is why many people indicate on their resumes that they would prefer to work in an environment where there is an opportunity to advance career wise.

Becoming a Physiotherapist: Getting Started

Stott Pilates Instructor TrainingIf you have a passion of helping people to improve their physical health, physiotherapy could be just the right career for you. Several sicknesses such as stroke and injuries bring about limited movement of the arms/legs.

One of the main causes of arthritis is aging. Many aged people get difficulties in performing their day after day activities. People with lower back or upper back problems experience excruciating pain while carrying out their everyday activities.

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Physiotherapy apprenticeships entail working alongside qualified Physiotherapists practitioners to rehabilitate patients suffering from illness, injury or disability. Selected apprentices follow programmes set by qualified Physiotherapists to provide encouragement and support to clients.

As an apprentice, you will perform the following duties:

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Paramedic Training: What You Need to Know

Paramedic Training

Becoming a paramedic means taking on an immense degree of responsibility. There is quite a bit to consider before thinking of embarking on the journey of becoming a paramedic.

The foremost issue to contend with is how intense the paramedic training will be and if you are up for taking on everything that becoming a paramedic entails.

This article will provide a breakdown of all the necessary information, suggestions and considerations before coming to a decision.

What will be included?

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occupational therapyIf you like assisting people, working as an occupational therapist can be the ideal job for you. Occupational therapists help people to overcome difficulties resulting from physical, mental, medical and learning disability conditions. They assist their clients to regain and improve their status to experience improved and fulfilled lives.

To perform this job, one needs to obtain relevant training in the profession. Aside from this, good working relations with people is essential since you will need a lot of determination, patience and positive attitude to motivate disappointed and frustrated clients.

Entry requirements for occupational therapy courses

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How to Become A Chiropractor: A Guide

How To Become a Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a health profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of a variety of conditions which are due to problems with bones, joints, nerves and muscles, particularly those of the spine and is considered as a form of alternative medicine. For a detailed look at what it entails, Wikipedia has a thorough description here.

Currently in the UK there are around 2,200 chiropractors. A majority of them are in private practice even though there are a number of these professionals who offer their services through the National Health Service (NHS).

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