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universal soccer manager 2USM 2 is the sequel of the award winning Universal Soccer Manager, completely rebuilt with a new graphic and database engine that will allow complete customization of the game data, still mantaining the usual fast processing speed. It is available for first time even on Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.2+) platform!

The actual game features are:

- easy to play: you'll be able to learn quickly thanks to tooltips and in-game help system

- fast to play: the game new engine is optimized for fast results even on older processor, so you can be sure you won't have to wait long time in front of your monitor!

- improved database engine: the game database system has been completely rewritten to be able to support a huge quantity of data: up to 10 concurrent leagues (theoric limit) and up to 100.000 unique players. The only limit is your HD space!

- fully customizable: you'll be able to edit player names, skills, team names, jerseys, leagues, nations and so on thanks to the integrated editor. All the data are stored externally in csv format so you can even import and edit it in your favourite program!

- multilanguage support: the game itself will be initially released in english only, but soon will be translated in various languages like french, german, spanish, italian.

- free lifetime updates: following the philosophy already adopted in other titles like Magic Stones or Universal Boxing Manager, Winter Wolves will keep updating the game, adding new features and listening to users feedback to improve the game.

Latest update info

Minimum requirements to play USM2

Windows 98/ME/XP/2000

P3 800mhz, 256MB RAM
8MB OpenGL / DirectX video card

Mac PPC or Mac Intel

G3 450mhz, 128Mb RAM
8Mb video card

 Universal Soccer Manager 2 - (C) Copyright Winter Wolves & Phelios Inc.